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Introducing Live Well & Prosper – a new approach to wellbeing 

What is Live Well & Prosper about

Live Well & Prosper is an exciting new brand created by me, Helen Prosper, designed to combine my various services and products all with one main aim – to make you feel better and be the best you can be! 

My background is in Education and Health, helping people of all ages with my experience spanning massage therapy, counselling, NLP Practitioner, therapeutic play specialist, health coach and reiki master. 

More recently, I have been working with Synergy Worldwide and World GN’s Helo products both designed to have a positive impact on people’s health and well being. 

Health Coach

I can support anyone that can see the benefits of changing their lifestyle and diet to help improve their health and well being. I can help you identify areas where changes to lifestyle and diet can have tangible benefits for you. This is an holistic approach to helping clients make real long lasting changes taking into account all factors that may impact on well being e.g. careers, relationships, physical activities, spirituality and more.

Synergy Products

Synergy have developed a range of health supplements and skin care that make a considerable difference to the way you feel, inside and out.

They have launched a number of products and are noted for their Pro Argi9+ and their recently launched Micro Biome Kit. 

They have in 2017 launched their first Skin Care range – Trulum. 

For the full list of products see:

 World GN – The H.E.L.O.

World GN have designed the ground breaking wearable tech that is the H.E.L.O. which is designed to help you monitor you daily activity, heart rate, blood pressure and more. For more information see:

Business Opportunities

Both Synergy and World GN provide other like minded entrepreneurs the ability to grow a business, work and earn flexibly and enjoy the benefits of working with two market leading world wide brands.

 Contact me if you are interested in finding out more.

That’s me, Helen, helping you and your loved ones Live Well & Prosper

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