Hailsham Architectural Designer Overcomes Planning Hurdle on Carer Annex

Glenn Moore is pleased to report his planning application for a much-needed carer annex in Lower Dicker has moved one-step closer to completion with the decision by Wealden Area Plans South Committee not to contest his appeal against non-determination.

Glenn, of Hailsham-based GM Moore & Associates, sought to appeal the non-determination case following a ten-week delay during which he received no response from Wealden District Council’s Planning Department. Under planning law, an individual can appeal against non-determination to The Planning Inspectorate if the local authority does not respond to a planning application within eight weeks. In this case, Glenn’s determination to see his clients receive the planning consent they need meant he was left with no option but to appeal to The Planning Inspectorate.

Under local government procedures, his appeal would have been automatically contested by the council had it not been for the diligence of Councillor White, Liberal Democrat, who supported Glenn and his client’s application and forced the matter to be reviewed by the full Wealden Area Plans South Committee.

Speaking after the committee meeting, Glenn acknowledged:
“Local councillors sometimes get a bad press, but I have to thank Councillor White for his diligence and hard work. His efforts have resulted in my clients having a realistic chance of getting the planning consent they really need. This isn’t a separate dwelling, despite what the planners have said, this is a much-needed annex, attached to the original dwelling, and it is for their carer. Its construction will improve working conditions for the carer and will allow the family to stay in their home.”

Glenn is now awaiting the formal decision of The Planning Inspector but, with Wealden District Council now not contesting it, he is hopeful his clients will soon have the planning consent they need.

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