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It has been an exciting few months at GM Moore & Associates, with several design projects now under construction and our appearance in April’s edition of Grand Designs Magazine.

The Grand Designs Magazine piece focused on a current project – the conversion of a disused reservoir at Maresfield into a sustainable Modernist home. The project combines contemporary design with architectural references to the local environment.

Sited in a former reservoir, the location’s industrial past allowed us to get the site recognised as a ‘brown-field site’. The industrial heritage also informed our palette of materials, including zinc and glass, while the low rolling hills of the lower Sussex Weald are reflected in the geometric shapes of the roof.

As the article notes, it isn’t always easy to get planning approval for a highly contemporary design in the countryside but, on this occasion, the heritage of the site and the proactive attitude of Wealden District Council combined to create a stunning design. Construction is expected to be completed in November 2017.


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