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If you are looking to grow your business one of the first things you should look at is your website. It’s probably the single most important marketing tool your business has and you really need to make sure it’s right; if you don’t you will almost certainly miss out on enquiries and sales.

- Understanding what you have

So how do you know what is good and what’s not? Well the honest answer is that you probably don’t, why should you; unless you work in the internet industry there is a good chance that you won’t know what is good or bad about your website, but like anything, you can’t improve it until you know what’s wrong.

That is where Sokada Ltd can help, we offer a free website review services were we check over your site and explain to you how it works and which things you could change to improve it. Our review is based on industry experience, facts and a large dose of common sense. All we would need from you is some basic information to help us understand why your website works as it does. We will send you a questionnaire, it only has 7 questions so don’t panic.

- Does having a review really help?

Well here is what one of the Hailsham chamber members said recently:

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Sokada to anyone who is looking to improve their presence on the internet.

From the brief discussion I had with Julian at a Hailsham Chamber of Commerce networking event regarding a review for our current website, he was able to produce a 4 page document detailing areas that could be improved with immediate effect.

As I am able to make changes to the website myself I implemented some of his ideas straight away. I steered clear of some of the more detailed suggestions as I felt a bit out of my depth with them.

Having informed Julian of what I had & hadn't done I was invited to his office in Heathfield to discuss things further with a view to improving the visibility of our website for certain search terms, between us we came up with a few more ideas which are currently in the process of being applied to the site.

I regard our website as much of a tool as the screwdrivers & pliers we use on a daily basis and look forward to it ranking highly when someone searches for an electrician in Hailsham."

Chris Beeney
Juice Electrical Services

- So how do I get a FREE website review?

If you want us to review your website just chat to Julian about it at the next chamber breakfast meeting; if you can’t wait that long visit our website at and contact us and we will get started.

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